Qualified Canberra Plumber ready for all your Appliance Installations

  Washing Machine Installation & Connection

Our local Canberra plumber is fully qualified for all your washing machine installation and connection requirements. Whether you have just purchased a new Washing Machine or would like to move your existing washing machine, he will offer a flat rate fee for your washing machine installation Canberra. Once the washing machine installation has taken place, the plumber will ensure that the bypass hose is connected properly to ensure that the water runs into the drain.

Please note that our plumber is able to repair the hot and cold connection taps to the washing machine, washing machine hoses and the drainage hose. For repair to the actual washing machine, you will need to contact the manufacturer (if under warranty) or an appliance repair service.

  Dishwasher Installation & Connection

Installing a dishwasher can be tricky. Whether you are renovating, moving house or have simply purchased a new dishwasher, call Jet Blast Plumbing for a hassle-free dishwasher installation and connection by a qualified local Canberra Plumber.

Upon installation of the dishwasher the plumber will check the valve and taps are working before leaving. You will be quoted and charged a reasonable flat rate fee with no hidden costs.

Please note that our plumber is able to carry out repair to the drainage hose and the cold water hose. If the actual dishwasher requires repair you will need to contact the manufacturer or an appliance repair service.

  Fridge Water Connection

Are you looking for a local Canberra Plumber to install a fridge water connection? Look no further, as our plumber is fully qualified and will have your fridge with water dispensing plumbing sorted in no time. Fridge water connections have become increasingly popular and our plumber is very experienced in getting your fridge water running immediately. He will connect the fridge water supply by running a water feed directly to the fridge, install the filter and connect it to the fridge.

  Water Filter Installation

Our local Canberra Plumber is able to both supply and install your choice of water filter. Alternatively, you can purchase your choice of filter and call Jet Blast Plumbing for a hassle-free water filter installation service.

Water Filters are a great asset to have in your kitchen, providing your family with clean, quality water every day. We also recommend a home water filtration system over the purchase of bottled water which is not regulated and also results in a huge amount of landfill waste.

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