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Not a pleasant experience but by far the most common plumbing problem that our Canberra customers face is the inconvenience of a blocked drain. But don’t worry, having cleared so many Blocked Drains in Canberra, this Canberra Plumber has become your local Canberra Blocked Drain specialist. With a quick response time and equipped with a powerful High-Pressure Water Jetter, we will have your blocked drain cleared in no time.

We offer a quick response time and a flat rate for clearing your blocked drain, fast. Having cleared so many blocked drains in Canberra, Blocked drains have become our specialty. A flat rate is often re assuring to our customers as they are aware of the cost before commencing and don’t need to worry about an expensive hourly rate if the job seems to take longer than expected. Read more about our quick response time as featured in The Canberra Times.


It may take a while for a blockage to build up and become completely apparent, but once a problem has started to take its toll it will be obvious very quickly. Your Drain may be blocked if you notice any of the following symptoms which will alert your sense of sight, sound and smell!

  • Overflowing drains/toilets/sinks
  • Slow or no drainage in your toilet, bath, shower or sink
  • Rising water in the toilet when flushed
  • Unpleasant odour coming from the drain
  • Unusual sounds such as gurgling from drains, plug holes, toilet flushes and pipes


Call Jet Blast Plumbing for a Quick response to your Canberra Blocked Drain. We can usually give a flat rate quote over the phone, with no hidden costs and be at your home or business immediately to have your blocked drain cleared fast. Emergency Call outs are no problem as our Blocked Drains Canberra plumber is available 24hours for your convenience.

Our Blocked Drains Specialist Plumber will:

  • Locate and identify the cause of the blocked drain
  • Effectively clear the blockage using a Hydro Plunger, High Pressure Water Jetter or Electric Eel
  • Carry out an Acid treatment (where necessary) and re-flush the drain
  • Guarantee the service for 2 weeks. Please Note that there are no guarantees in place for a blocked stormwater drain
  • In some cases, a broken pipe may be causing the blockage and will require more extensive work which will include a dig up to repair or replace the broken pipe.


The most common reason for our plumbing call outs in Canberra and surrounding areas is to clear a blocked drain. Blocked drains in Canberra are often the result of

  • Tree root obstruction in the pipes or even a collapse in the pipe itself. The result is often a distasteful odour, overflow of water or waste and possibly an Occupational Health and Safety hazard.
  • Outdoor drains are also commonly blocked by a build up of dead leaves
  • Indoor blockages are frequently caused by foreign objects or materials other than toilet paper being flushed down the drain
  • An excessive build up of hair which has escaped through the floor waste
  • Blocked Drains in the kitchen are often caused by a build up of food waste, grease and other debris which has washed down the drain
  • Overflowing drains resulting from heavy rainfall
  • Broken pipes due to general wear and tear or tree root obstruction


A High Pressure Water Jetter is the most effective tool to clear your Canberra blocked drain. Boasting 31 horsepower and expelling 31 litres of water per minute, this machine is your best option when seeking to clear a blocked drain. The sheer velocity of the water penetrating through the nozzle is strong enough to cut through tree roots and clear

blockages. It is this High Pressure Water Jetter that has allowed us to successfully clear so many drains around Canberra and specialise in clearing Blocked Drains Canberra.

An Electric Eel is a powerful and professional, drain clearing tool that comprises flexible cables and rotating cutting tools. It clears blockages in sewer and storm water pipes by cutting through tree roots, grease, leaves and soil build-up. Whilst our preferred method is to use the water jetter, we do have an electric eel available if or when required.

A Hydro-Plunger will be used if the plumber thinks that he can clear the drain using the plunger first. This is often a quick and cost-effective method to clear a blocked toilet or kitchen sink.

Acid Treatment is often carried out following the clearing of a blocked drain by our Canberra plumber. Acid is effective in clearing any organic matter that is caught in the drain and acts as an effective chemical drain cleaner.

A Camera or Locater may be used to identify the cause of the blockage. These have proven effective tools when trying to locate the cause of a persistent blocked drain without the time and effort of a dig up. Locating the cause of the blockage allows our Blocked Drains plumber to take the most appropriate course of action to clear your blocked drain Canberra.

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