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Canberra’s Blocked Toilet Specialist

A Blocked Toilet is one of those plumbing issues that can be particularly unpleasant and troublesome, especially if there is only one toilet available at the home or business. As soon as you suspect that your toilet is blocked, give Jet Blast Plumbing a call so that our local Canberra Plumber can attend to the blockage before it gets worse. A Blocked toilet is not one of those issues that you want to ignore as the effects can be disastrous if you allow the blockage to escalate.

Signs that you may have a Blocked Toilet

  Overflowing water in the toilet bowl
  Toilet paper blockage stopping the flush
  Slow or no drainage
  Unusual sounds when flushing
  Unpleasant odour
  Rising Water upon Flushing
  Wet areas around the toilet

What to do next? Call Jet Blast Plumbing immediately. With a quick response time and equipped with a powerful High-Pressure Water Jetter, our expert Canberra Plumber will have your blocked toilet cleared in no time. A fixed repair price is often re assuring to our customers as they are aware of the cost before commencing and don’t need to worry about an expensive hourly rate if the job seems to take longer than expected. Our Blocked Toilets plumber is available 24 hours for your convenience so do not hesitate to contact us in an emergency situation.


Blocked Toilets in Canberra are often the result of

  • Tree root obstruction in the pipes or even a collapse in the pipe itself. The result is often a distasteful odour, overflow of water or waste and possibly an Occupational Health and Safety hazard.
  • Indoor blockages are frequently caused by foreign objects or materials other than toilet paper being flushed down the toilet e.g. small kids toys, wipes, sanitary items etc
  • An excessive build-up of hair which has been flushed down the toilet can often get caught on foreign particles in the pipes which can build up over time and cause an obstruction
  • Broken pipes due to general wear and tear or tree root obstruction

High Pressure Water Jeter

Where possible, our expert plumber will try and clear your toilet first with a hydro plunger. If the plunger is not able to clear the toilet, he will use A High Pressure Water Jetter. Boasting 31 horsepower and expelling 31 litres of water per minute, this machine is your best option when seeking to clear a blocked toilet.

The sheer velocity of the water penetrating through the nozzle is strong enough to cut through tree roots and clear blockages. It is this High Pressure Water Jetter that has allowed us to successfully clear so many blocked toilets around Canberra and specialise in clearing Blocked Toilets Canberra.

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