Garden Taps & Tanks

Outdoor Plumbing Solutions, Garden Taps & Rainwater Tanks

Garden Taps

Repairing or replacing a garden tap is an easy fix for our local Canberra Plumber. Garden taps will often leak and need a washer replaced or you may like to move your tap to another part of the yard or simply install a new garden tap. Jet Blast Plumbing can have a local plumber at your home in no time and offer a quick response, flat rate fee and all-round hassle free plumbing solution for all your outdoor plumbing needs.

Garden tap installation is a common plumbing callout in Canberra and our local Plumber will ensure that your new garden tap is installed in a timely manner. Outside water taps are usually located outside kitchens and directly over a drain, but feel free to discuss your ideas and options with our garden tap plumbing expert.

With a $0 callout fee and quick response time, you cant go wrong! Our Garden tap Plumber will also give you peace of mind b y offering free, professional plumbing advice for any other plumbing jobs you may have around the house.

Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater Tanks offer a fantastic water saving service which also translates into a healthy saving off your water bill. Call Jet Blast Plumbing for a free quote and discuss your rainwater tank ideas. Our licensed, local plumber can supply and install or simply install the tank of your choice and have you water savvy in no time. Rain water tank installation is also recommended as it does not just benefit you and your home but it also benefits the environment and we appreciate them most especially during time of drought. Once installed, water will be diverted from your gutters into the rainwater tank for storage. The rainwater can then be used for irrigation, toilet flushing, laundry and pool water.

Ensure that your rainwater tank is installed by a licensed plumber with enough experience to get the job done right and get it done promptly. Jet Blast Plumbing has a Plumber Canberra available for all rainwater tank installations in Canberra. Call now for a free quote either on site or over the phone. If you are ready to book a technician, simply click the Book Online button and complete a booking request and you will also save $50 off your bill simply for booking online.

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