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Local, Licensed Canberra Plumber that you can trust for all your New Home plumbing or renovations

New Home

Your home is your most prized possession. At Jet Blast Plumbing, we understand how valuable your home is and we encourage all new home builders to employ only a licensed Canberra Plumber. An expert technician, like our Canberra Plumber is qualified and capable to not only ensure that all your plumbing works are carried out to Australian standards but will treat your new home with the respect it deserves. 

Our licensed Canberra Plumber will be able to give you a no obligation free quote either on site or off the building plan. We also encourage that you obtain a few quotes and compare prices, availability, time frame and flexibility so that you give this important plumbing job to a plumber who will do the best job for your new home. We can assure you that our quality of workmanship is to a very high standard and our prices are very competitive.

“Jet Blast Plumbing were the best choice we made when deciding who would help build our dream home. Tony was always available when we needed him and his work was outstanding. He was friendly and professional and very reasonably priced. I would confidently recommend Jet Blast Plumbing to any prospective home builder”

Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is a very exciting project and one that many people dream about doing for a long time. It can also be a stressful project, especially when encountering unexpected hurdles that only seem to appear once the project has begun.

Be sure that you only employ a fully licensed plumber to carry out your kitchen renovation plumbing works. Our Canberra Plumber is local, licensed, flexible to your needs and gets the job done hassle free at a time that suits you and your other tradespeople.

Call Jet Blast Plumbing for a no obligation free quote. Our Canberra Plumber is an expert at working kitchen renovations in Canberra and will give you a flat rate quote with no hidden costs. Your kitchen is safe in our hands and our Plumber Canberra will deliver quality plumbing work and great peace of mind.

Bathroom Renovation

Easily one of the most used and often neglected rooms in the house, a bathroom renovation can often transform the look of your home and most certainly add value to your Canberra home. When you decide to take the plunge and transform your bathroom, call Jet Blast Plumbing and our plumber will be with you each step of the way. 

Fully licensed and well experienced with bathroom renovation projects in Canberra, our local plumber will attend to all your plumbing needs in a professional and friendly manner. You can trust Jet Blast Plumbing to deliver excellent plumbing services for your Canberra Bathroom Renovation. Call today for a no obligation free quote either on site or off the plan. Our licensed plumber Canberra will be the only person working on your bathroom renovation. We will not send an apprentice and you will deal with the same one plumber throughout the process. With a range of expertise and ideas, our plumber can help with advise on how to get the best out of your bathroom space and will do everything he can to accommodate your wishes. He will help you transform your bathroom into one that not only looks fantastic but is both practical and functional.

Laundry Renovation

The laundry might not be the most exciting room in your Canberra home, but it is quite an important space. Usually smaller in size, much effort goes into the planning phase of a laundry renovation as customers try to maximise whatever space in available. At Jet Blast Plumbing we understand the importance of functionality as well as wanting an attractive new laundry room. Our licensed local plumber will listen to your requests and offer the best advise and plumbing solutions. He will offer a flat rate fee with no hidden costs and deliver exceptional customer and plumbing service.

Granny Flats

Granny Flats have become increasingly popular in Canberra, especially with the difficulty in sometimes securing a rental property. They are also versatile, functional, easy to construct and also add value to your home as a possible source of income. Our licensed Canberra Plumber is experienced and can easily transform your garage or new space into a functional Granny Flat area with the right plumbing solutions. Call now for a no obligation free quote either on site or off the plan.

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