What a Whopper! Blocked Drains Canberra

What a whopper alright! Check out this lengthy tree root pulled out of a drain recently. When all else fails, a drain dig up is essential to eliminate severe blockages caused by massive tree roots. Canberra Blocked Drains are the cause of most plumbing problems. Whilst we love the benefits of trees, they can certainly cause a lot of damage and turmoil in residential drainage pipes.

When the high pressure water jetter failed to clear this particular drain, we knew that the blockage must be pretty severe. A drain camera was inserted to ascertain the cause and location of the blockage, confirming that a drain dig up was the only course of action. Using an excavator to dig up the old drains, Tony and his team were able to extract this mammoth line of tree roots. No wonder the blockage was so bad. The massive build up of tree roots had not only penetrated into the pipes, they had also broken the pipes, causing further damage.

Now this may sound strange, but it is very satisfying pulling out tree roots this long. It is job satisfaction at its best, for a plumber!

If you have continuous problems with your drains, call Tony for some honest and trustworthy advice. He can definitely recommend the best course of action and give you piece of mind. Tony is a trusted, licensed and well known local Canberra Blocked Drains Specialist Plumber. He takes great pride in his work and guarantees his drainage work to the highest standard. He will look after you and ensure that you completely understand the scope of the work involved when a drain dig up is required.

Blocked Drains Canberra
Severe Tree Root Blockage
Blocked Drains Canberra
Broken Pipe caused by Tree Roots

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