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Well the recent weather has surely tested stormwater drains around the country and it has become more important than ever to fix any old, broken or collapsed pipes. We were lucky to have this job completed last week before the wet weather settled in.

The existing clay pipes were blocked up with tree roots, broken in some places and collapsed in others. The excavator was called in to dig up the yard starting from the back, around the side and to the front of the house. New 100mm sewer grade pipes were installed  and back filled. It was a massive job but totally necessary to get to the root of the problem (excuse the pun!) and ensure that the stormwater drains were now clear.

The start of the day showed a dug up yard that would frighten any resident, but by the end of the day, you would not even know that we had been there. A job well done and guaranteed for life ensures that our customers are completely satisfied.

Do you have troublesome drains that are constantly blocking up? Now is the time to get it sorted once and for all. Call our Blocked Drain Specialist, Tony, on 0412 30 20 40. Equipped with all the right tools and years of experience, he will recommend the best course of action for you with a no obligation free quote. We urge all Canberran’s to only use a licensed Canberra plumber and seek a few quotes for a big job like this or any plumbing requirements.


Our very own master plumber, Tony, was humbled to receive a very special award last week at the 2021 Plumbing Industry Excellence Awards held at the Reece Plumbing Showroom in Fyshwick.   The ceremony was opened by Tara Cheyne, Minister for Business and Better Regulation, followed by a warm welcome from Claire Howe, CEO of Master Plumbers Association (ACT).

Representing Icon Water, Guy Price presented Tony with the Icon Water Award for Excellent Community Outcomes. Guy announced that this award is presented in celebration of the magnificent work being undertaken by plumbers in the community, for the community.

Before announcing Tony as the recipient, Guy gave a little background as to why Tony was nominated for the award.

Tony was contacted by a customer looking for a second opinion after being given considerable quote to dig up and replace a drain at the front of their property. Tony investigated and found that the work was not required to address the issue customer was having with a blocked drain in the kitchen. This was an incredibly stressful time for the customer, who felt they were being put under pressure to accept the original quote. 

Icon Water felt that Tony showed great empathy for this customer, and we value the kindness that he showed. He went above and beyond to check in with the customer after having resolved the issue and his honesty and helpfulness are to be commended”.

Tony was very appreciative of this award and insists that he will always go above and beyond to help his customers, especially those who are vulnerable and unfairly targeted by unethical tradespeople. He would like to thank Icon Water for recognising his community spirit and MPA for their work in representing the Canberra plumbers as well as the wider community.

Click here to read the official Media Release from Master Plumbers Association, ACT.

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What a whopper alright! Check out this lengthy tree root pulled out of a drain recently. When all else fails, a drain dig up is essential to eliminate severe blockages caused by massive tree roots. Canberra Blocked Drains are the cause of most plumbing problems. Whilst we love the benefits of trees, they can certainly cause a lot of damage and turmoil in residential drainage pipes.

When the high pressure water jetter failed to clear this particular drain, we knew that the blockage must be pretty severe. A drain camera was inserted to ascertain the cause and location of the blockage, confirming that a drain dig up was the only course of action. Using an excavator to dig up the old drains, Tony and his team were able to extract this mammoth line of tree roots. No wonder the blockage was so bad. The massive build up of tree roots had not only penetrated into the pipes, they had also broken the pipes, causing further damage.

Now this may sound strange, but it is very satisfying pulling out tree roots this long. It is job satisfaction at its best, for a plumber!

If you have continuous problems with your drains, call Tony for some honest and trustworthy advice. He can definitely recommend the best course of action and give you piece of mind. Tony is a trusted, licensed and well known local Canberra Blocked Drains Specialist Plumber. He takes great pride in his work and guarantees his drainage work to the highest standard. He will look after you and ensure that you completely understand the scope of the work involved when a drain dig up is required.

Blocked Drains Canberra
Severe Tree Root Blockage
Blocked Drains Canberra
Broken Pipe caused by Tree Roots

Jet Blast Plumbing 0412 30 20 40

Canberra Blocked Drains Specialist servicing all Canberra suburbs and surrounds

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Our year has been off to a great start and we can’t believe that it is already time for Easter. The weather has been so lovely in Canberra lately, and hopefully the sunshine continues through the Easter long weekend and school holidays.

Easter is a great opportunity for reflection and rest with our loved one’s. Lets also take the time to reach out to those who are isolated or alone at this time. The smallest of gestures can ignite a magnitude of hope and joy in others.

Happy Easter to all our valued customers and fellow Canberran’s. Wishing you all safe travels, a full tummy, lots of chocolate, clear drains and Easter Blessings!


Jet Blast Plumbing has recently become a member of the Master Plumbers Association (ACT). With over 30 years of plumbing experience and a strong reputation in the Canberra community, our membership further solidifies our commitment to our customers. Furthermore, the Master Plumbers Association (MPA) also offers a consumer guarantee that insures the work of a master plumber with regard to residential plumbing, gas fitting and drain laying work. Membership to the association is also a great indicator of an ethical and reputable plumber.

For more information about the Master Plumber Association (ACT), please visit their website

For any plumbing enquiries, please contact Tony for a no obligation, free quote on 0412 30 20 40 or click here to contact us online.




Tony encountered some surprise visitors whilst working in Narrabundah back in January. The peacocks were very friendly and did not hesitate to wander around the Jet Blast Plumbing work van. It was the perfect opportunity to take five and snap a few pics of the bright and colourful birds. How beautiful is Canberra?



Well, what a year 2020 turned out to be! I am pretty sure that we were all happy to usher in the New Year and look forward to a bigger and brighter year ahead. Hopefully the days of home learning, empty supermarket shelves, loneliness and fear are behind us. Whilst the COVID virus still lurks in our country we certainly hope the worst is over. We are mindful of the lives lost and lives impacted by the virus itself. We are mindful of the businesses and industries who have suffered or ceased operating as a result of the virus. We are also mindful of the families who have been separated and had to miss out on family gatherings and milestones. We are especially mindful  and appreciative of the invaluable service of our incredible health care workers leading the way to keeping us safe.

So it is already February! Hopefully you all managed to have a nice break over the Christmas and New Year period despite the restrictions in place. It was definitely a unique Christmas for our family this year having to spend it on our own!

Thanks to our wonderful customers, we look forward to further assisting with plumbing works for the Canberra community. We welcome your feedback and appreciate all those who take the time to post a review online (except for the fake reviews – will post about that separately). Tony is well known as a specialist in clearing blocked drains and takes great pride in doing so. He has all the right equipment to get the job done right and can be trusted to give the best advice for all your plumbing needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote or any questions you may have.

Wishing you and your loved one’s a prosperous year ahead and as always, we thank you for choosing Jet Blast Plumbing.




Jet Blast Plumber Canberra
Plumber Canberra, Drain Dig up

It has been a busy time for this Plumber Canberra and his team, who have been digging up many yards of late. Whilst a drainage dig up can be very daunting for customers, Tony does a fantastic job of re assuring them that he will take care of it all. We know that his experience, quality of workmanship and confidence is very comforting to customers.

Typically the day starts early on with lots of digging, excavation and dirt. Broken pipes are removed and brand new piping is installed. By the end of the day, the trenches are all back filled and the work is done. Sounds simple right? Well it takes a great plumber and team of workers to get it done right. You can trust Tony to give you the best advise and recommended course of action when considering a drain dig up. Blocked Drains are his specialty and he will always dish out a smile – even when waist deep in a trench!

Call Tony on 0412 30 20 40 if you have would like to discuss your drainage system and pipes.

Feedback from customers who have recently had to install new drainage

“Jet Blast Plumbing (Tony) assisted us with a major re-routing of our entire plumbing network. He was knowledgeable, creative, and friendly. I genuinely felt he had our best interests in mind. Thanks Tony and the Jet Blast Plumbing team!”

“We called Tony to locate and fix a problem in our stormwater system. He was very persistent in hunting down the problem, which resulted in the need for a machine excavation to replace a long run of pipe that was blocked, and broken. Before the excavation Tony explained the pros and cons, what was required, and how it would happen. It was a very big hole, lots of dirt, and lots of hard and skillful work to avoid cutting other services nearby. We found Tony professional, hard working, and resourceful.”

“Tony was unbelievable! While initially we thought the job was going to be a camera/blast job, turned out to require smashing tiles and re-routing the drains…he did it quickly, professionally and made what was possibly a disaster into a simple and excellent result! Thnx Tony, couldn’t recommend highly enough!”

As always, we advise all our customers to obtain a few quotes and ensure they are working with a licensed Plumber Canberra.


Jet Blast Plumbing has once again been featured as “Business of the Week” in today’s edition of The Canberra Times dated 29th July 2020.

It is very rewarding to be recognised by the community for our quality of service and workmanship. Customer feedback and reviews are also much appreciated and serve as a great testament to our work. Thank you to all our lovely customers for their kind words and support.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any plumbing, drainage and gas services you may require.

Jet Blast Plumbing has been serving the Canberra community for over 10 years. We are a family business who take great pride in delivering a superior plumbing service. Tony is an experienced, licensed, and reliable plumber that you can trust to get the job done right the first time.


We all saw the colourful and hysterical memes that were going around during the Covid isolation period and one in particular gave us a chuckle. It was the implication that Plumbers would be very busy unblocking drains as a result of all the paper towels being flushed down the toilet due to the toilet paper shortage.

Funnily enough we did actually find ourselves unblocking more drains than usual but we are happy to report that our customers were not flushing their paper towels down the toilet. In all the craziness going on around the country and around the world, it is fair to say that Canberra has done remarkably well in containing the crisis and most people did the right thing by community standards. It was a big learning curve for all and I think most people just did their best to navigate through a new way of life.

It is nice to see a somewhat return to normalcy in some areas of life and we certainly look forward to a future of social activity and travel.

We trust that you all have an ample supply of toilet paper these days and we encourage everyone to ONLY flush toilet paper down the toilet. If you are in need of toilet paper… let us know and we will gladly help!