Stormwater Dig Up

Well the recent weather has surely tested stormwater drains around the country and it has become more important than ever to fix any old, broken or collapsed pipes. We were lucky to have this job completed last week before the wet weather settled in.

The existing clay pipes were blocked up with tree roots, broken in some places and collapsed in others. The excavator was called in to dig up the yard starting from the back, around the side and to the front of the house. New 100mm sewer grade pipes were installed  and back filled. It was a massive job but totally necessary to get to the root of the problem (excuse the pun!) and ensure that the stormwater drains were now clear.

The start of the day showed a dug up yard that would frighten any resident, but by the end of the day, you would not even know that we had been there. A job well done and guaranteed for life ensures that our customers are completely satisfied.

Do you have troublesome drains that are constantly blocking up? Now is the time to get it sorted once and for all. Call our Blocked Drain Specialist, Tony, on 0412 30 20 40. Equipped with all the right tools and years of experience, he will recommend the best course of action for you with a no obligation free quote. We urge all Canberran’s to only use a licensed Canberra plumber and seek a few quotes for a big job like this or any plumbing requirements.