Digging Up Old Drains

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Plumber Canberra, Drain Dig up

It has been a busy time for this Plumber Canberra and his team, who have been digging up many yards of late. Whilst a drainage dig up can be very daunting for customers, Tony does a fantastic job of re assuring them that he will take care of it all. We know that his experience, quality of workmanship and confidence is very comforting to customers.

Typically the day starts early on with lots of digging, excavation and dirt. Broken pipes are removed and brand new piping is installed. By the end of the day, the trenches are all back filled and the work is done. Sounds simple right? Well it takes a great plumber and team of workers to get it done right. You can trust Tony to give you the best advise and recommended course of action when considering a drain dig up. Blocked Drains are his specialty and he will always dish out a smile – even when waist deep in a trench!

Call Tony on 0412 30 20 40 if you have would like to discuss your drainage system and pipes.

Feedback from customers who have recently had to install new drainage

“Jet Blast Plumbing (Tony) assisted us with a major re-routing of our entire plumbing network. He was knowledgeable, creative, and friendly. I genuinely felt he had our best interests in mind. Thanks Tony and the Jet Blast Plumbing team!”

“We called Tony to locate and fix a problem in our stormwater system. He was very persistent in hunting down the problem, which resulted in the need for a machine excavation to replace a long run of pipe that was blocked, and broken. Before the excavation Tony explained the pros and cons, what was required, and how it would happen. It was a very big hole, lots of dirt, and lots of hard and skillful work to avoid cutting other services nearby. We found Tony professional, hard working, and resourceful.”

“Tony was unbelievable! While initially we thought the job was going to be a camera/blast job, turned out to require smashing tiles and re-routing the drains…he did it quickly, professionally and made what was possibly a disaster into a simple and excellent result! Thnx Tony, couldn’t recommend highly enough!”

As always, we advise all our customers to obtain a few quotes and ensure they are working with a licensed Plumber Canberra.