Were People Really Flushing Paper Towels?

We all saw the colourful and hysterical memes that were going around during the Covid isolation period and one in particular gave us a chuckle. It was the implication that Plumbers would be very busy unblocking drains as a result of all the paper towels being flushed down the toilet due to the toilet paper shortage.

Funnily enough we did actually find ourselves unblocking more drains than usual but we are happy to report that our customers were not flushing their paper towels down the toilet. In all the craziness going on around the country and around the world, it is fair to say that Canberra has done remarkably well in containing the crisis and most people did the right thing by community standards. It was a big learning curve for all and I think most people just did their best to navigate through a new way of life.

It is nice to see a somewhat return to normalcy in some areas of life and we certainly look forward to a future of social activity and travel.

We trust that you all have an ample supply of toilet paper these days and we encourage everyone to ONLY flush toilet paper down the toilet. If you are in need of toilet paper… let us know and we will gladly help!